The Grace-vine



Hello Westside Family!

I trust you’re doing well and trying to stay cool during these very hot South Georgia days. As they would tell us in the Army, “Drink Water!”

For starters, let me say, the Grace-vine is going to start off as a weekly informational letter from me and we hope it will grow it into a newsletter that will include information from each of our ministries. We will email the Grace-vine out each week as well as make them available on our church Facebook page and website.

As always, I’d like to say thanks so much for allowing me to serve as your pastor. Every day brings us new opportunities as well as challenges, let’s embrace both with Faith that can only come from our Lord Jesus.

If you know of anyone needing pastoral care please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I’m excited to share this Sunday (June 2nd) on the topic of Abortion, which is getting a lot of attention lately, and rightfully so.

The message title is “Abortion: God’s Word & Our Responsibility”

I’m also excited about the next series I’ll be teaching titled “TOXIC”. In this series we’ll be looking at some toxic darts satan launches at Christians every day.

I love you and hope to see you Sunday!

By HIS Grace,

Pastor Glis


•     Our Constitution & Bylaws Committee is getting very close to having updated documents for you to review.

•     Friday, June 14th, all men and boys are invited to join us for a Pre-Father’s Day trip to the Farm House Restaurant in Glennville for some great food and fellowship. We’re leaving the church at 4:30 so please make make plans to join us.

•     Our Children’s Department is beginning to look at some ideas we feel might help us reach and impact families in our community. More information will be coming soon.

•     If you’ve noticed the white trim on part of our building flaking off, our Buildings & Grounds Team is on top of it and working with the manufacturer to replace it at no cost to the church.