It is our hope that this information will give you an idea of how God is working at Westside Baptist Church as we continually strive to be a church where people are motivated to love God more and serve Him with their lives.

Westside Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. Southern Baptists have prepared a statement of generally held convictions called The Baptist Faith and Message. It serves as a guide to understanding who we are. The full text on the issues is available on the Southern Baptist Convention’s website.

At Westside Baptist Church we strive to give glory to God and honor Him in all we do through our worship services, Bible studies, service projects, missions outreach, and fellowship times. Our focus is on Bible-Centered Teaching. When God’s Word is taught, lives are changed. Our sermons are totally centered on the Scriptures and applied to
daily living.

Our worship style is conservative for the specific purpose of focusing completely on our wonderful God and Savior with no distractions.

We focus on offering a variety of service projects, missions outreach, special speakers, missionaries, music groups, video series by well-known speakers, and fellowship times. These various means and opportunities help individuals grow in their spiritual journey.

Welcoming Environment
Our goal is that every person who attends is warmly welcomed, encouraged, and accepted into our church family. If you are someone who is grounded in the Word of God or just someone seeking to know God, you are welcome at Westside Baptist Church. We look forward to seeing you!